Perinvest Harbour US Equity

Harbour US Equity (HUE)

Fund Factsheet 

The Fund seeks to produce a relative return over time by 

employing the following strategy: Investing primarily in U.S.

common stocks, performing extensive duediligence on the 

majority of portfolio holdings, including on site meetings with management. Evaluating companies based on growth prospects, valuation, sustainable competitive advantages, balance sheet 

strength and management assessment. Trading around core holdings by adjusting position sizes based on recent price fluctuations. Raising cash to protect capital when market conditions are unfavourable. Focusing the investments in liquid securities that have market quotes. Investing in fixed income securities from time to time. In addition to the foregoing, the Fund has the flexibility to invest in non U.S. securities and use options and/or futures contracts. 

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This factsheet alone does not provide complete information about the SICAV and we would there fore recommend that you read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID), the Prospectus and the latest semi annual / annual report for this SICAV. These documents can be obtained from Perinvest (UK) Limited or from the Swiss Representative. Past performance of this fund as described here in is provided for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of future investment results. The nature of, and risks associated with, this Fund’s future investments may differ substantially from those investments and strategies under taken historically by this Fund or any person described herein. There can be no assurance that this Fund's investments will perform as well as the past investments described here in or that the Fund will be able to avoid losses. FOR SWISS PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS: The Fund has not been approved for distribution in or from Switzerland by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. As a result, the Fund’s shares/units may only be offered or distributed to qualified investors within the meaning of Swiss law. The Representative of the Fund in Switzerland is Bastions Partners Office SA with registered office at Routede Chêne 61A, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland. The Paying Agent in Switzerland is Banque Heritage, with registered office at Routede Chêne61, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland. The place of performance and jurisdiction for Shares/Units of the Fund distributed in or from Switzerland are at the registered office of the Representative.

Source: The information contained in this factsheet has been provided by Perinvest and is correct as of end July' 2019, Mansard is acting solely as a promoter of the Perinvest Harbour US Equity fund and does not act in the capacity of investment or sub investment manager.