Pipes and Pressure

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Oil & Gas

The Vanguard Energy Fund

Vanguard differentiates this fund from others in the sector via the fund’s focus purely on energy, such as oil, natural gas and coal, as opposed to companies that may explore and/or distribute additional energy-related commodities.

As of June 21, 2019, the fund has assets totaling almost $7.16 billion invested in 125 different holdings. 

The minimum initial investment is $3,000. The fund’s admiral shares version offers an expense ratio of 0.33 percent with a $50,000 minimum investment.

The fund has returned -17.64 percent over the past year, 0.90 percent over the past three years, -5.86 percent over the past five years and 2.08 percent over the past decade.  

The fund launched in May 1984. Parent company Vanguard is the largest mutual fund provider in the U.S. and offers a wide array of mutual funds and ETFs..